IT helping businesses during the pandemic

Everyone knows that within the last few months people had to quickly rearrange themselves and their businesses to cope with uncertain situations. This pandemic forced the nation to organise their work from home and consequently rush into any sort of technology and IT service.

In fact, it is undeniable that technology and general ICT services have enabled many businesses to keep working or at least stay afloat during this pandemic. It is also a fact that most of those businesses have discovered the many advantages technology can expose them to and enforce these “temporary arrangements” to become more permanent.

But what have the most requested IT items and services during this pandemic been and how did businesses adapt to the new way of working and operating?

Infonet Solutions managing director, Ricardo Deiana, explains that although some of the most requested IT items enabling us to work from home such as laptops, webcams, headsets and printers are quite easy to guess, other IT services enabling businesses to continue working from home are not so straightforward.

The Italian owned and Kiwi operated ICT service provider specialising in data networks, data management, and cloud services is a valued partner of the ICCNZ since 2018 supporting the Chamber and its volunteers with all their IT need making sure their servers and data are constantly secured, backup, and available.

Operating in the IT field for more than 25 years, Infonet has witnessed first-hand the impact this pandemic has had in this industry and has played a major role in trying to keep other businesses up and running throughout this unprecedented time.

Ricardo highlights that working from home creates unprecedented and unexpected challenges for businesses. This includes various aspects such as the availability of shared data that is normally shared while on-premise but never before remotely (for some) and the security of doing so, i.e. data loss, confidentiality, integrity, etc. The collaboration between people and departments with the use of shared tools such as meeting rooms are also additional factors of this “transformation” that has led us to new digital workspaces consisting of computers with webcams and shared screens.

Many of these unprecedented challenges have managed to be addressed by businesses. These have been achieved by moving things to the cloud, resulting in cloud service providers like Infonet to increase their IT infrastructures. This is in order to host the new or scaled-up requested services, hence generating a huge demand for IT infrastructure components such as servers, network storage devices, firewalls and more from the IT market.

From a cloud service provider perspective, Infonet has seen an increased demand for remote desktop services such as VDIs, published applications, virtual storage and backup services. As well as secure connections like VPNs between the end-users and the business resources and SD-WANs between branches. There has also been an increase in website development requests mostly coming from the food and beverage industry wanting to offer their products through online stores. Some of these have “simply” accelerated an already planned development that was sitting in the pipeline due to time constraints.

Although this pandemic has hit every sector pretty hard, the IT industry along with a few others have been impacted in a different light. In a positive way, the rush for technology and IT services has seen an increase in demand creating an unprecedented “cue” for IT goods and services.

Leading experience in the ICT field along with an extensive network of business partners and a global client portfolio, Infonet has succeeded in supporting their clients throughout this pandemic. Not only that, they have been presented with the opportunity to welcome new business ranging in industry, size and requirements.

Being a top partner of the ICCNZ throughout this tough time, Infonet supports all members and the business relationships between Italy and New Zealand by offering discounts ranging from 25 to 50% across all their services.

To know more about Infonet Solutions, its history, and services, visit their website here.