AGA 2021 at Ghella: ICCNZ on the right path!

This year, our Annual General Assembly 2021 took place at Ghella headquarters in Mt. Eden. It was a lovely evening and despite the hectic Auckland traffic, the number of attendees was very high. Thank you all for being with us and taking the time. The AGA is one of the rare occasions where we can all get together and work as a team for the future of ICCNZ. We believe it was a great success!

The President, Stefano Riela, welcomed all participants, members, guest speakers, sponsors and institutional partners and gave the floor to Francesco Saibene, Ghella Limited’s Project Director, who showcased Ghella’s Central Interceptor tunnelling project, one of New Zealand’s leading infrastructure projects. 

Nicola Comi, Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy, passed on his greetings and apologies from the Italian Ambassador, Francesco Calogero, who was unable to attend the AGM. Comi discussed the key strengths of the relationship between Italy and New Zealand. 

Lindsey Jones, Honorary Consul of Italy, based in Auckland, shared her thoughts on the ways Italians and New Zealanders do business, highlighting that for both countries business goals are met when both sides trust each other and ask for local advice.

Belfiore Bologna, Honorary Consular Agent of Italy, based in Christchurch, reiterated Lindsey Jones’ advice, pointing out the importance of knowing the local market and its needs. He suggested following new paths to develop business relationships between the two countries, focusing on new opportunities like sailing boats and equipment, aerospace and future transports, machinery for fruit collection and agricultural processing, animal pharmaceutical products.

The President expressed again his gratitude to the members and the sponsors for the 2021 – Infonet Solutions, Ghella Limited, Peroni and Collinson & Co. – and proceeded with the AGA formalities and his report. He highlighted the activities undertaken by the Chamber in the last year including, the Chamber’s Aperitivos with Prada Cup, Al Volo Pizza and Farina, Beretta event at Bracu, Breakfast at Segafredo Zanetti, and reported an increase in the number of memberships. The President concluded his speech by mentioning the support the ICCNZ offers to those who request information about doing business either in Italy or in New Zealand.

The report presented by the Treasurer was filled with optimism. Despite a reduction in income and expenditure due to Covid-19 , the expectation is to balance ICCNZ books in 2021 thanks to some adjustments and the return from events and members’ increase.

The Secretary General continued announcing the Council will be composed as follows: Admir Mullaaliu, Alex Campbell, Antonio Cacace, Belfiore Bologna, Dario Tommasi, Flavia Spena, Francesco Petrilli, Lythan Chapman, Michele Passarello, Stefano Riela and Vito Lo Iacono.

The President awarded an appreciation plaque to Gianfranco Ugazzi (Mapi and Casamassima) for his contribution to the ICCNZ and concluded by informing the audience that Francesca Kirwan, owner and director of JK.14, will play with the New Zealand beach volleyball team at the Continental Cup in order to qualify for a spot at the 2021 Olympic Games in Japan. The audience wished her the best of luck!

The meeting ended with our networking aperitivo sponsored by Ghella Limited, JK14, Peroni, Isola Sicilian Gourmet Food, Casamassima and Prodotti D’Italia. As Gianfranco quoted: “NETWORK – when the output is greater than the input of each individual” and we couldn’t agree more.

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