5 Minutes with… Francesco Petrilli, ICCNZ Vice-President Auckland

Re-elected as Vice-President in April 2023, Francesco Petrilli brings a sheer passion for fostering business connections between Italy and New Zealand. In this insightful Q&A, we delved into his goals for the Chamber and his love of all-things Italian. Enjoy the read!

What is your current occupation and business outside of the ICCNZ?

“I’m a Business Development Manager and I’m responsible for the Valuable Cargo Dept. (jewellery and hig-level products) at Mondiale VGL. Mondiale VGL is the biggest privately-owned freight forwarding company in Oceania, with a deep Italian-New Zealander background.”

How long have you been involved with ICCNZ, and what are your responsibilities?

“I have been involved for almost four years, at the beginning as a councillor but since a year ago as Vice President. I’m in charge of the social media channels and report on performance and activities to the Council during our monthly meetings. I’m also responsible for Marketing/Communication and new members’ development, alongside the events organisation activities in the Auckland region.”

What motivated you to be part of the ICCNZ Council?

“Being thousands of kilometres away from Italy, I felt the need to improve and increase the connection between New Zealand and Italy, and why not do that from a business point of view?”

What are some of your key goals for your mandate as ICCNZ President?

“As a Vice President and part of the ICCNZ Council, my main goals will be: (1) Increase the knowledge and the visibility of the ICCNZ in the Italian community; (2) Increase by 20% the Chamber’s current membership numbers; and (3) Promote business between Italy and New Zealand, providing assistance and solutions to companies who want to settle in New Zealand or open a branch here.
As for specific projects and initiatives, there are a lot of ideas so stay tuned with the ICCNZ updates to learn more.”

How do your unique background, skills, and expertise contribute to the success of the ICCNZ and its members?

“Being Italian and having lived in New Zealand for more than four years means I have the opportunity to analyse both countries and take the best from them. Plus, thanks to my contacts at Mondiale VGL, I can help build a stronger network for the ICCNZ.”

What message would you like to convey to the Chamber’s existing and prospective members?

“The Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is an organisation created to foster business growth and trade between the two countries. By joining the Chamber, we can help each other and get a mutual benefit in terms of visibility, connections, and obviously more business.”

What do you see as the most significant challenges and opportunities in the coming years?

“Italy is a growing market in New Zealand, no need to say that the best brands are Italians. And this is across all sectors: from food to wine, from machinery to electrical appliances, from fashion to furniture… and so on! Being connected with Italy and New Zealand can help the Chamber and its members grow their business together. It’s easy if you want it.”