Welcome to Ciao Italia!

After the notable success of Ciao Italia 2017 and 2018, The Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand is organising the third edition of Ciao Italia.


The event will be held in the stunning location “The Arts Centre” in  2 Worcester Blvd, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8013 from 10 am until 4 pm on Saturday 23rd of November 2019.


The Event is an Italian-themed day, showcasing:

– Italian imports of any kind (with retail sales)

– Italian institutions operating in New Zealand

– New Zealand based Italian producers and professionals

– activities involving Italian language, music and culture.


The date has been chosen to fall within the Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo (Week of Italian Cuisine in the World).

Location, Date and Time

The Arts Centre – Worchester St, Christchurch

Saturday 23rd of November 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm

Exhibitors’ stands set up: from 8 am to 10 am

Exhibitors’ stands clear up: from 4 pm to 6 pm

Costs and Payment options

For Exhibitors:

Retailers/non-retailers; NZ$180 + GST

Market Canopy; NZ$50 + GST

For Sponsors:

Workshop with authorities and live presentation of your business (5 minutes); NZ$250 + GST

It enables you to be showcased at the Workshop and to have your logo on all ICCNZ advertising of the event, including posters, radio podcast, web-site and articles about Ciao Italia in the ICCNZ newsletter.

Your logo; NZ$50 + GST

Opportunity to have your logo on all ICCNZ advertising of the event, including posters, radio podcast, web-site and articles about Ciao Italia in the ICCNZ newsletter.

Means of Payment:

Exhibitors must make their payment by electronic transferto the ICCNZ as follows:

Account Name: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand Incorporated

Account Number: 38 9006 0580078 00

Reference:  CiaoItalia               Code: (Your business name)

Brief Terms and Conditions

– Exhibitors need to provide their own tables, furnishings and any other equipment they may need to exhibit their products or services. If you require a canopy, you are able to hire the Arts Centre ones (they are 2.7m long by 1.8m deep). No other gazebo allowed.
– If an Exhibitor cannot bring their own tables or other necessities, they should advise the organisers who will see if they can make arrangements for them.  The organisers have access to a few spare tables for out-of-town exhibitors.  The exhibitor has a duty of care for the furniture provided by the organisers.
– The organisers reserve the right to veto items deemed hazardous or not fitting with the space and the style of the event.
– Exhibitors are responsible for their own insurance.
– Cooking and warming are allowed under special conditions to be agreed with the organisers.
– Electricity power supply must be requested only if essential.
– Exhibitors must leave their area tidy, and take their garbage with them.
– All the exhibitors of food and drinks must comply with the regulations of the Health and Safety Food handling (link http://www.mpi.govt.nz/food-safety/food-act-2014)
– Exhibitors must provide their logo at its highest definition, and a one-line description of their business. All info provided will be used for promotional purposes at the discretion of the organizers.
– All exhibitors bringing alcohol to the event will need to get a special licence from the Christchurch City Council, to be received (presented or posted- not via internet) at least 20 working days prior to the event. The form needs to be signed also by The Arts Centre.  Instruction for special alcohol licence will be sent to the interested parties.



Should you prefer to download, fill up and return the application form to us via email click here.

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