Biosecurity of the Brown Marmorized Stink Bug

Dear members and friends,

As you may be aware, the new BMSB season (Brown Marmorized Stink Bug) is going to start soon.

All cargo exported out of the 33 countries of the MPI list (please refer to the link below) after the 01/09/2020 and arriving into New Zealand on or before the 30/04/2021 must be treated as per MPI rules and instruction. Here below the key points of the measures to take:

-The treatment allowed for the BMSB treatment are: Heat Treatment, Sulfuryl Fluoride, Methyl Bromide;

-Not all the goods have to be treated, depending on the tariff code, there are some exception (food, sensitive cargo etc.);

-Treatment for airfreight cargo is not compulsory

My personal suggestion, as Trade Lane manager of an international Freight Forwarding company, is to stay in contact with your  suppliers overseas and your local provider for last updates, If you are considering to import new products, please let us help you to navigate the regulations.

For further information please fill the form above. I look forward to answering your questions!

Francesco Petrilli
BDM @ Visa Global Logistics – ICCNZ Councillor

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