About Us


We’re a member-based organization that works to stimulate, facilitate and foster economic & trade relations between Italy & New Zealand.

To promote italianità and the MADE IN ITALY brand.
To support Italians seeking to do business with New Zealanders.
To support New Zealanders seeking to do business with Italians.

Events: We organize and/or participate in events to promote business.

Please check our Events page.

News: We disseminate News & information. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Information services: We provide information about New Zealand and the specialists needed to establish or further business here.

Networking: We organize networking events to promote amicable associations between Italians and New Zealanders.

ICCNZ is built on the support of many who are passionate about New Zealand-Italy connections.
Our Members come from a range of industries and professions and include small, medium & large, local & international enterprises.
Our Council comprises a talented group of Italians and New Zealanders based in New Zealand.
Professionalism and integrity are important to us. Our Council operates according to a Statement of Values & Code of Conduct and our Constitution.

The “Ospitalità Italiana” seal was purposely created to protect Italian heritage and to endorse restaurants and restaurateurs who strive to promote it. The seal aims to contribute to the success of authentic “Made in Italy” brands, products and cuisine and to separate these from “Italian-sounding” imitations.

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