The EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement puts freight forwarding in the spotlight

By Francesco Petrilli, ICCNZ Vice-president and International Supply Chain BDM at Mondiale VGL

The recent ratification of the Free Trade Agreements presents a significant opportunity for our company, which specializes in freight forwarding within the European market. As a result of these agreements, we anticipate a substantial increase in the volume of imports and exports between New Zealand and the European Union.

The implementation of this agreement is a pivotal development for our industry. It serves as a cornerstone for facilitating the exchange of premium products from the EU. Our company, along with others in New Zealand, has been eagerly awaiting the fruition of this agreement for several years. Its activation marks a momentous occasion that will undoubtedly benefit a multitude of New Zealand businesses.

Looking ahead, we are confident that there will be a noticeable uptick in the influx of high-calibre products from Italy and other EU nations. This will encompass not only foodstuffs but also a diverse range of commodities such as furniture, ceramics, and more. The availability of these superior goods is poised to elevate the standard of products accessible in the New Zealand market, thereby enhancing the overall consumer experience. We are committed to leveraging this agreement to its fullest potential, ensuring that the benefits are felt across the supply chain and ultimately by the end consumers. Our team is prepared to handle the increased demand and facilitate the seamless movement of goods, reinforcing our position as a leader in the freight forwarding sector.