Welcome to our new member, Ilaria Corti.

A big welcome to Ilaria Corti, an Italian freelance translator based in Auckland, specialising in German, English and Italian.

Illaria started learning foreign languages because she hated not being able to understand nor be understood. If you are interested in gaining help to successfully communicate, whether this entails liaising with foreign clients, business partners, readers or a broader audience, she is the person you want to contact.

Illaria is very cooperative and aims to create a strong, uplifting trust. As a linguistic expert and a young Italian translator, everyday she strives to be as multifaceted and as versatile as languages themselves. In doing so she shapes her work around authors goals and audiences backgrounds.

Highly motivated, detail-oriented, accurate, creative and flexible are just a few ways to describe her. When meeting her you will come to see that she is a very kind, energetic person with a big smile and a positive attitude.

Are you interested in…

  • Communicating better with your Italian audience and pairs
  • Establishing a human to human relationship with your clients and direct customers
  • Showcasing cultural sensitivity
  • Effectively appealing to a larger audience
  • Moving ahead of your competition

Get to know Illaria at our next event, visit her website or Skype her at ililixi – Ilaria Corti.