Welcome to our new member, Sabatino Tartufi.

The truffle is not just a food, but an experience; and we would love for everyone to be able to experience truffles”.  –  Federico Balestra, CEO

1911 was the prestigious establishment of Sabatino Tartufi when Sabatino Balestra and his wife Giuseppina opened their first store in Umbria, Italy. Their story began with the distribution of specialty food products and has evolved ever since.

Whilst truffle is like gold, white truffle is like diamond. The best truffles have a limited lifetime and could only be sold to local restaurants. That was until Sabatino decided to create truffle products to be more accessible to the public, including chefs. Their passion for truffle compares to a luxury experience that they would like everybody to experience.

As the world’s largest truffle specialist, this family owned business carries the most highly regarded truffle species and offers a range of truffle products. Even though the most renowned chefs around the world use these products, Sabatino Tartufi also allows you the opportunity to use them in your own kitchen.

As truffle becomes more popular, Sabatino offers top quality truffle condiments for chefs and users in NZ at an affordable price. Since 2019, Gemman International Ltd is the sole distributor of Sabatino Tartufi in NZ. For Chefs or food service professionals, please contact Johnny Cheung for a truffle tasting and pricing. Visit their website or keep up with more news on Facebook & Instagram.