Beretta @ Bracu Estate: what an amazing day!

What an amazing day we spent together with Beretta at Bracu Estate, on Saturday 6th Feb. The location, the food, the activities, but first of all the people. A lot of fun, a lot to enjoy and a lot to chat about for our members and non-members on a sunny afternoon in Bombay.

The shooting day experience was great: archery, knife throwing, air rifles, shotguns. You name it! The knife throwing was surprisingly challenging; the air rifles awoke the inner sniper inside us but the shotguns were at the centre of everybody’s attention. Extremely loud and exciting at the same time.

Thanks to our friends at Beretta who guided us through our shooting day experience, every activity was carried out in absolute safety.   

And of course we had to organize an Italian brunch to go along with our shooting day experience. The Sabatino Tartufi’s truffle butter was just divine. And what about the Casa Massima’s salami, cheese, beer and limoncello? Even Beretta decided to spoil us even more with their amazing Franciacorta & Chianti wines from Agricole Gussalli Berretta.

Food and fun but then down to business. As always our events are a GREAT opportunity to get to know new people and establish new connections. Our President, Stefano Riela, had the chance to talk to a group of representatives from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce that were present thanks to the connection with Bracu restaurant. Hopefully we will hear from them soon and will organize more events together.

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