Ricardo Deiana: Our experience with AI systems

In our ICT business, we have explored the potential of AI systems, including the widely talked-about ChatGPT platform. Initially, I approached it with curiosity and a sense of fun, using it as a supplement to my traditional research methods. While AI tools like ChatGPT have proven to be powerful, I’ve observed that they can sometimes get stuck or fail to provide meaningful output without the right input or if the queries aren’t appropriately reformulated based on their responses.

Personally, ChatGPT has become my go-to AI system for specific tasks where I feel the need for assistance from someone with more expertise than myself. It has proven useful in tasks such as rephrasing documents with the right terminology for specific audiences, providing a starting point for coding projects that I can then refine to suit my needs, or even vice versa, and other small things.

While AI systems can indeed accomplish remarkable feats in a short amount of time, I firmly believe that they cannot entirely replace the human touch and approach in day-to-day operations. The recent wave of freely available or low-cost public AI systems resemble new team members who require guidance and input to thrive and, unlike training a human employee, we can’t fully instruct an AI system to work independently the way we want. Instead, we must adapt and learn to communicate effectively with these AI tools, leveraging their capabilities to expedite tasks and reduce completion time. It’s crucial to view the integration of AI not as a threat to job security but rather as an opportunity to enhance our utilization of existing resources. As with any modern technology, relying on AI should never lead us to regress as individuals, abandoning the need for knowledge and skills. Let us not forget that humans are the inventors and managers of AI systems, not the other way around. Embracing these technologies should be a means to improve ourselves and our businesses and maintaining a balance between leveraging AI and nurturing our own expertise is key to sustaining our business operations and credibility in the long run.

By Ricardo Deiana, Infonet Solutions NZ