Innovation in Italy’s Judicial System and Public Administration

Innovation: a keyword to understand the plans taken into consideration to guide the recovery of the Italian Nation.

Innovation is in fact the fulcrum of one of the six missions that make up the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (about it, see the article presented in the Newsletter of June 2021).

Just as I am writing, two important reforms of great interest for the legal sector – the sector in which I directly practice in Italy – are coming into force. There is great hope (but also fear) as these reforms can lead to important developments, also in terms of the Country’s competitiveness.

The reforms concern civil justice and recruitment within the public administration – both result from the enforcement of the aforementioned National Plan (and this is not a coincidence).

Unfortunately, when starting a business in Italy it is not overlooked that the times of our civil justice are generally longer than the European average (in the World Bank’s “doing business” papers, Italy usually ranks among the last places on the EU, a circumstance that is considered an obstacle to investments, especially for foreigners).

For the public administration, on the other hand, the major criticality that emerges in documents of Community relevance – such as, for example, the European semestral thematic factsheets on public administration quality – concern the seniority of officials employed in public bodies.

These two reforms seek and aim to find a common denominator, which is an essential element of the society in which we live, and it is “speed”: reduce process times by 40% and streamline access and participation in the administration, making it more flexible for the youngest and excellent professionals.

In a society where technology doubles in development capacity at ever-shorter intervals, speed becomes one of the strategic factors in conceiving innovation; it becomes necessary to make our country competitive in the global context and in the European project.

It must become essential also for legal practitioners, who always need to renew, every time with different tools, their skills, necessary to respond to the needs of citizens.

I hope we will be able to combine innovation with the skills that we “traditionally” have and that have always characterized us as creative people.

#Innovation #Italy

Francesco Mambrini – Founder of Fair Legals.