5 Minutes with… Admir Mullaaliu, President ICCNZ

In April 2023, Admir Mullaaliu was re-elected as President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in New Zealand for the third consecutive year. We had a quick Q&A with Admir, for you to learn more about his background, vision, and goals for the Chamber. Enjoy the read!

What is your current occupation and business outside of the ICCNZ?

“I’m the Head of Sales – Food Service New Zealand & Pacific Islands for SKOPE Industries, which are the exclusive distributors of premium food service brand Irinox, renowned worldwide as a specialist in blast chillers and shock freezers, all manufactured in Treviso.”

How long have you been involved with the Italian Chamber of Commerce?

“I have been involved for eight years, initially as a member and sponsor with Peroni Nastro Azzurro, then as a councillor, followed by being elected as Vice President, and for the last two years, as the President of the Chamber.”

What motivated you to be part of the ICCNZ Council?

“Our ICCNZ Council is volunteer-based and like other Councillors, my motivation is to assist current and prospective members, to be their voice when representing the Chamber at events and meetings, promote ‘Made in Italy’ and the economic development & trade between NZ and Italy.”

What are some of your key goals for your mandate as ICCNZ President?

“As a President, my role is primarily focused on representing the Italian Chamber of Commerce and its members and advocating for policies and initiatives that support business growth both domestically and internationally. This also includes promoting the Chamber’s services and programmes, as well as ensuring that the Chamber operates efficiently and strategically. More broadly, our Chamber is focused on growing our membership base. We are committed to expanding our reach and welcoming new members who share our passion for supporting Italian businesses.”

How do your unique background, skills, and expertise contribute to the success of the ICCNZ and its members?

“With a varied background, skills and experience gained in Hotel Management, Hospitality, Event Management, Brand Marketing, Leadership and Sales Management, I am well-positioned to understand the needs of our members to best assist them on their journey to success. Our Chamber is all about sharing ideas and experiences together and supporting one another.”

What message would you like to convey to the Chamber’s existing and prospective members?

“Collaboration and networking are essential elements of our Chamber. We strive to create a community where businesses can come together to share ideas, experiences, and challenges, forming a powerful network of like-minded individuals and businesses that really work together.”

What do you see as the most significant challenges and opportunities in the coming years?

“As most businesses have learned over the recent years, adapting, pivoting and having a plan B are all skills we need to continue to master, as the commercial world is always evolving and challenges will always be around the corner. How we react to these challenges makes all the difference. Personally, I see challenges as opportunities, as a chance to improve your business offering, your brand, your positioning in the market or what makes your business unique and appealing to customers and consumers.”